At BITDMX Racing, our years of Professional Motocross Racing combined with our vast Technical background, is sure to be the answer you've been searching for. Weather your looking for a "Stock" Resto to showcase or a Modified Racer for week in & week out Racing, we can accommodate your needs. We can sit down on a one to one basis in order to create the machine of your dreams. We consult with you every step of the way! We can work with any budget & time frame required. Upon completion of the restoration process, we personally deliver your ride to you. Were ready any time you are, just give us a pit board signal, & we'll pull over to take care of you.....

Keep it upright

Back In The Day MX


  • All Nuts / Bolts & Washers are removed and replaced with fresh Hardware.
  • Frame is blasted and Powder Coated.
  • Cylinder / Head / Clutch Cover & Ignition cover are blasted, then primed and painted.
  • Chain is replaced.
  • All Cables and Grips are replaced. (Clutch, Throttle & Front Brake).
  • Carb is dipped & cleaned.  (parts are replaced when needed)
  • All Bearings are replaced where applicable.
  • Pipe is blasted and painted or bead blasted left with a "Factory look & clear coated for protection.
  • Dunlop Tires and tubes are changed out.
  • All Plastic is replaced.
  • The tank will be cleaned & receive a set of graphics of your choice.
  • Cylinder is Honed  / With new Piston / Rings and Gaskets. ( Boring, New Sleeve or Re-Plating is additional ) 
  • Forks are completely serviced and new Seals are installed.
  • ( Our Fork Mods. are additional. )
  • ( Our Shock Mods. are additional. )
  • Fresh Number Plates are replaced as are Backgrounds & Numbers.

Your bike is then reassembled, utilizing all new Gaskets / Seals / Loctite / Grease & O-Rings. Proper Torque specs will then be applied. Once finished, we “break it in” to achieve proper Jetting & give it a look over to assure it is completely "Dialed" & "Race Ready"! 

Approx. Cost: $2,500.00

NOTE: Before we begin work, we will need to converse to assure a proper understanding of related costs & the present condition of the machine. In some cases we can locate & purchase a bike for you. This is all a must, in order to achieve your satisfaction.


A complete ground up restoration process for the Post Vintage / EVO Motocross enthusiast, who demands perfection, & will not settle for anything less than showroom quality.  Hours upon hours go into this project. Nothing is overlooked. No short cuts. Every source is exhausted, in order to locate the exact parts required to complete this type of restoration. A job of this magnitude runs on average of 6 - 12 months. A time frame like this, is needed in order to accumulate all of the necessary parts.

Every attempt is made to reuse all existing O.E.M parts, providing they can be brought back to their original state. A show quality finish will be applied to all aluminum. No powder coating will be done to the frame, or any other part of the bike, unless the customer requests such. All parts will be painted to the factory matched original paint code. All O.E.M plastics & Graphics will be used.

An estimate for this type of restoration & quality, would be best suited if the owner & bike were in person together, in my shop.  Of course, we can do this by phone, however, I have found it best for both parties involved to check over the bike together, a good method of avoiding second guessing. If this is not possible, several photos should be taken at various angles, then mailed & or e - mailed as well, followed by a lengthy conversation. A case where I locate a bike for you, would see a reverse procedure of photos. In any case, communication is the key to success for this type of project. We are looking forward to your project!


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